Versova Beach Cleaning

Nanaji Deshmukh Pratishthan have initiated a unique drive.

More than 100 volunteers took to cleaning Versova beach and the streets of versova 

Along with the volunteers, The NGO  had engaged 2 JCB’s and 2 dumpers to help cleaning the beach in an efficient manner. After the cleanup, the collected trash was taken to Deonar dumping ground. Volunteers were working along with the officials and cleaners of the BMC, a well-known activist and Champion of beach cleaning; Afroz Shah, Canada based International NGO; Khalsa aid, actor Randeep Hooda and hundreds of school children.

Nanaji deshmukh pratishthan is very active in water conservation programs across Maharashtra. Chairman of Nanaji deshmukh pratishthan  said that an ecosystem is an interaction between a community of living organisms and their environment, in order to safeguard one we have to protect another. It is unfortunate that the beaches are filled with plastic waste. Marine animals are dying because of plastic waste and one of the main reasons for climate change. Our beaches are the bridge between our world and the ocean. It is necessary to keep our beaches clean if we hope to keep our oceans clean. Beaches are fragile environments. By keeping this environment trash free we help protect and preserve marine life. Each individual can better the ocean’s ecosystem by playing their part in keeping the beaches clean. The easiest way to do this is to simply pick up the trash and throw it in a dustbin.

After the beach cleans up, Volunteers moved to the streets of Versova and helped BMC officials in cleaning the streets.

When asked, Sanjay said that keeping our streets, sidewalks, and green spaces safe and clean for everyone to enjoy is our priority and duty. Clean your own street is a drive where we are appealing to people to not litter streets, to use dustbins even to throw a needle, use doggie litter bags to pick up dog poop.  Animal waste can breed bacteria that is harmful to living things in our creeks and oceans. They also cause illnesses to people who swim in the waters. Help us bag the waste before it is carried down into the storm drain and out onto our beaches and ocean.


The NGO will be doing street plays for the awareness of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Like we have community or colony security guards, similarly, every colony should have their own street cleaners also along with BMC cleaners. There should be volunteers from societies to clean their own street. All the research shows that behavior changes based on environmental changes, and by keeping a block clean, we will get people to view their environment differently and treat it accordingly.